About Wise Clean

Our Philosophy at Wise Clean Cleaning Services

Our priority is to provide a piece of mind for our customers, to alleviate all concerns regarding their cleaning service and allow them to to focus on their business at hand. Your house is our house and it will be treated as such.

When choosing the ideal company for your cleaning services it seems you have to wade through mediocrity before you find a good service. Why? Isn’t cleaning simple and straight forward? If something is dirty you clean it right? Well…that’s only the physical side of cleaning. Cleaners need to know the difference between clean and not clean, that’s integral. There are many standards of “clean” in this industry and its imperative that the cleaners know CLEAN.

Once the fundamentals of how to clean have been established, then we talk about attitude. It is an absolute necessity that cleaners have the “right attitude”. Sometimes you get a new cleaning company in and for the first while they’re great but slowly service begins to wane, corners start to be cut and apathy and laziness begin to set in. That is why attitude is so crucial to obtaining a great service. To have a crew that is consistently performing at a high standard is the result of someone with the right attitude. Pride will reflect in ones work. To have workers that patiently go about their work and ensure everything is done thoroughly will result in satisfaction for both the customer and the cleaner. Highly trained cleaners with integrity and pride will always be coveted. Wise Clean embraces this philosophy.

We take pride in keeping your office clean

Wise Clean commercial cleaners make sure that your office is clean and ready for both your employees and your customers. First impressions last and we can make sure that your the right impression every time.

We strive to improve and provide the best cleaning services possible, and we will work with you to make sure all your needs are met.

We are committed to consistent results that impress. Striving to be the best commercial office cleaning service in Calgary!

Doing the Job Right and Safe, Always.

We ensure that safety is our major concern on the job to protect your customers, employees, and our cleaning experts.

Wise Clean is fully bonded, completely licensed and insured to protect our clients and staff.

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