Commercial Facilities We Specialize In

Comercial Facilities We Specialize Cleaning

We offer commercial cleaning services for all types of facilities

Office Cleaning Services Calgary

Wise Clean specializes in cleaning all sizes of offices in Calgary. We customize your office cleaning programs to maximize your cleaning services and fit your budget at the same time. We can confidently say that office cleaning service programs will provide the best cleaning experience in Calgary..

Healthcare and Clinic Cleaning Calgary

When cleaning any type of healthcare facility surfaces that hands touch garner special attention.  The spreading of germs is easier in these types of environments and meticulous cleaning is vital.  It is also necessary to audit unique areas to determine if they need specialized cleaning agents.  Another important factor is to negate cross-contamination. One example is colour coding mops and micro-fibre clothes for designated areas.  All Wise Clean crews assigned to healthcare facilities are cognizant of the fact that medical facilities have exclusive needs in their scopes of services.

Hotel and Motel Cleaning Services Calgary

The reception in hotels is a very important area as its the first visual impression that the guests see upon entering.  To concentrate on this area is crucial as it instills a positive image for the hotel. If the lobby looks dirty then what are the rooms like?  The same can be said about the interior and exterior of the elevators. First impressions mean everything in the hotel business.  We always insure the front glass is immaculate and entrance floors spotless.  Wise Clean recognizes the value of repeat customers for hotels.

Gym & Fitness Club Cleaning Services

There are 2 areas of priority in a gym environment; Wet areas and dust eradication. The priority area in a gym for cleanliness is the shower room. This area due to humidity and damp conditions is the epicentre for bacteria and viruses to thrive. The amount of body oil and soap scum build up in showers can become a huge issue unless cleaned on a perpetual schedule If you have a shower room or steam room that is being neglected on any level its an open invitation for mould.

Dust eradication is the next most important issue. When members are exercising its vital to have the air quality at its optimum. We use vacuums with the strongest filters to have the upper edge on dust elimination. We also use micro fibre clothes for wiping tasks as they are the most efficient in picking up small particles. Wise Clean have knowledgeable experience in gym maintenance.

Retail Store Cleaning Services Calgary

When cleaning retail stores it's all about floors. If they are hard floors, waxing programs are crucial to maintain shiny floors. If it's a carpeted area, thorough vacuuming is the priority. Retailers want everything at eye level ( where their product is) and down to be attractive to the eye. Wise Clean have been cleaning retail outlets since our inception and have our heads completely wrapped around them.

School and Educational Institution Cleaning Services

One word. Floors. In these types of facilities its all about foot traffic. When we start a contract in a school setting we must inspect the floors to determine their state. If they are in poor condition they may need to be stripped and waxed. After an initial stripping and waxing' preventative maintenance is vital. It may need scrubbing and re-coating after a certain period and regular burnishing( buffing) to maintain a high shine. Floor maintenance is crucial as it protects the floor from irreparable damage. Our floor crews have extensive experience in floor maintenance and the best equipment for the job.

Day Care Cleaning Services

All small children have one thing in common they like to get their little hands on everything and anything. Some of the younger ones like to mouth toys as well. Sanitizing table tops, chairs,and toys is paramount. All washrooms receive detailed attention as well. When you have one little tot with a runny nose soon you will have 5 so its urgent to negate the spread of germs. Most of our staff have children so they can empathize with these concerns and it carries over in their work.

Church and Place of Worship Cleaning Services

The scope of cleaning services in churches and places of worship are generally quite standard. It can involve a lot of dusting as the layout of these types of facilities are usually large open spaces. If they have wood work (pews or alters) there may be some oiling and polishing involved. It is important to bear in mind depending on the age of some facilities there may some valuable monuments or antiquities so it's always prudent to be conscientious when cleaning on or around such objects. We cleaned the biggest and oldest Catholic Church in Calgary and encountered all of these issues whilst we were there.

Restaurant Cleaning Services Calgary

It's all about the kitchen and dining area. When cleaning a kitchen floor not only do you need a strong degreaser to cut through the quagmire it's important to get under the cookers and refrigeration units to thoroughly cleanse the floor. Any bits of food hiding under kitchen apparatus will rot and attract pests. Any kind of pest be it rodents or roaches can never be totally eradicated so floor cleaning is paramount. It's also vital to clean the floors inside of refrigeration units as you will encounter all types of spillages and these can lead to cross contamination. Kitchens are hard work as everything is coated in grease.

Dining rooms are a hellish introspective nightmare in a vacuuming capacity. We spend twice as much time vacuuming dining room floors than any other carpet in the cleaning business. Aside from the kitchen and dining room tasks dusting can be another priority. In restaurants dust adheres to most anything in a slightly different fashion. This must receive attention as customers are eating and greasy dust is always unsightly for diners. Aside from the kitchen and dining room all other areas get the comprehensive WiseClean treatment. It is vital to bear in mind when customers are spending money on food and drink the environment must be in immaculate condition.

Pub and Night Club Cleaning Services Calgary

The number one cleaning task in pubs and clubs are the floors. When you have a large area packed with customers drinks will be spilt. The different ingredients of drinks whether it's beer or spirits each have their own staining qualities. When sugary drinks mix with beer on a floor we generally like to clean them with an auto-scrubber (auto-scrubbers are also effective at picking up small shards of glass) as opposed to mopping as its harsher scrubbing action is the most effective way to the clean floors. We always use an effective de-greaser product as they are designed for these kinds of spillages. Another issue we run into is vast amounts of chewing gum on the floors. It's vital to address this problem immediately as the longer gum sits the tougher it is to remove. WiseClean has crews that have vast experience in the cleaning of these types of facilities.

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Auto Dealership Cleaning Services Calgary

In these types of facilities glass cleaning is the priority. Dealerships want their customers to see their vehicles on display. The floors which are usually white need to be in top shape to insure a perfect contrast with their vehicles being presented. WiseClean are conscious of these factors.

Apartment Building and Condo Complex Cleaning Services

Wise Clean offers cleaning services for all types of Apartment complexes and condo buildings. We offer basic common area cleaning to complete building cleaning maintenance programs like carpet cleaning and window cleaning programs. Our cleaning services will not only make sure your building is clean, but maximizes the longevity of your common areas, saving your company or condo corporation money in the long run.

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