How to clean Hardwood Floors

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December 11, 2016
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How to clean Hardwood Floors

The first step is to completely remove all items from the floors surface as you will need a clutter free area to do a comprehensive job.

The next step is eradicate the dust from the floor surface. Get yourself a soft micro-fibre dust pad and methodically start dusting the floor section by section.  When the floor is dust-free its time to vacuum the tops and bottoms of your baseboards (whilst your down there you might as well damp wipe the baseboards) use the wand attachment and thoroughly vacuum all the dust along the baseboards.

The third step is the application of your floor cleaning solution. There are many good products to choose from some include a mild wax formula to give your floor a high shine.

To start the application mist a small area of the floor and mop with a clean micro-fibre pad.  Always mop with the grain of the wood.  Spray as you go, letting the floor dry behind you.  Its always a good idea to do this job in socks otherwise your just creating more work for yourself.

Now your ready to impress your friends (if you have any) with your shiny new floor!