How to clean stainless steel

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December 11, 2016
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How to clean stainless steel

Remember when everyone had a white refrigerator?  There were only a select few who actually owned stainless steel appliances, and usually by guys named Dieter or Lars. Well thirty years later and everyone has them and they can become quite unsightly when dirty.

The Steps to Clean stainless steel is quite painless and only requires a few simple products:

  1. Two soft micro fibre clothes (never use any type of abrasive sponge)
  2. Dish soap (sunlight is the best)
  3. Oil (lemon or baby)

Okay, lets dance: Steps to a clean stainless steel sanity...

  1. Take a a cloth and moisten with a mixture of warm water and sunlight and proceed to clean the surface (always go with the grain of the steel).
  2. If you are cleaning a stove top insure it has cooled down as a hot surface creates streaking.
  3. After you have finished dry off with a clean rag and prepare for the "piece de resistance".
  4. Now the fun begins... squirt some oil on a clean rag and gently proceed to give the steel a Swedish massage.  Always go with the grain.
Now stand back and bask in the ambiance of your sleek polished steel!